Molu Village Landfill Gas Energy Project


  • Location  Molu, Kocasinan/Kayseri, Turkey
  • Capacity  4.2 MW
  • Commissioned  2012
  • Type of Credit       VER


Location : Kayseri, Turkey

Capacity :  4.2 MW

 Commissioned :  2012

The biogas power project is located close to Molu village in the Koca Sinan district, Kayseri province, Turkey. It services the surrounding municipalities as a landfill site with an initial capacity of 4 million tonnes. The project avoids greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by collecting biogas to generate electricity. Thus, in addition to the direct avoidance of GHG emissions, further indirect emission reductions are achieved through the CO2- neutral replacement of fossil fuels used for power generation. The project includes installation of a landfill gas extraction system, enclosed flare system as well as three biogas driven gensets for electricity production.